Other Services By KJT

Ad-hoc Delivery/Contract Delivery/Warehouse Management/Trucking/Bulk Distribution &POSM Deployment/Event Logistics Setup/Marathon

Delivery Services

  1. Ad-Hoc Delivery Services
  2. Contract Delivery Services

KJT has a fleet of vehicles which can do all sort of deliveries at your request. Built on the basis of strong logistics foundation, delivery is daily routine of KJT without fail.

Contact us for more details!


Warehouse Management

KJT stores almost everything. The warehouse is well secured with CCTVs and takes care by professional warehouse manager which take charge of ins and outs of stocks/items.

Just one call away, you can store and arrange for deliveries whenever you need anything.


Trucking Service

Share with us the requirements and details for the trucking service! We will make arrangement accordingly and save your hassles to go through different channels to receive your goods.


KJT handles: Importing/Exporting Permit-Trucking, Container Unstuffing/Stuffing-Delivery of parcels


POSM/Bulk Distribution

Expanding into supermarkets, outlets? Need help with bulk distribution to multiple locations and timeline is tight?

KJT loves to hit hundreds of locations within given period of short time frame.

No kidding matter, we have done it many years and confident to complete the assign jobs in time.


Event Logistics

Late night/Public Holiday/Specific Timings, these are all common for event logistics.

Furthermore, sometimes you need help with simple installation and setups, KJT has this service too.

Send us the event brief, thats all we need.

Past event experience:
  • Colgate Oral Health Month Setup
  • Tony & Guy experience booth setup
  • Brands sampling event
  • Heinkein Experience Booth
  • F1 logistics supplier



Singaporeans loves Marathons and Singapore has numerous marathons in a year.

KJT has been a spontaneous player in setting up logistics needs for marathons in Singapore.

Past Marathon Logistics Experiences:
  • Illumi Run
  • The Straits Time Run
  • Unlabel Run
  • JP Morgan Run

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